9 Oct

Dancebrandz Competition Results

Fantastic results from Dancebrandz competition 2 weeks ago: 

Senior Contemporary group- 2nd place

Skimbleshanks- 1st place Open Dance, Most Entertaining award

Magalenha- 1st Teen Jazz

One Night Only- 1st Senior Open Jazz

Beyoncé- 2nd Senior Open Jazz

J Lo- 3rd Senior Open Jazz

Bids for Dance and Cheer Games in Hawaii 2016 won by Skimbleshanks, Magalenha and …


16 Sep

Senior Ballet Timetable 19th September

9am Les Miserables rehearsal

10.30 Senior Pointe New Advanced Foundation upwards

11.15 New Aladdin Sane group

12.45 Performing Arts as normal

1.45 Open Class (people who normally attend 1.45 class & new Adv 1 upwards)

3.15 Rhapsody in Blue (finish approximately 4.15)


10 Sep

Senior classes 12.9.15

Timetable changes for Saturday 12th September

9am Senior Open New Advanced 1 upwards

10.30 Pointe class as normal

11.15 Aladdin Sane new ballet group

12.45 Performing Arts Class

1.45 Class as normal

2.45 Senior Pointe class

3.45 Rhapsody in Blue (existing dancers and anyone else notified)

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