2023 Timetable

Subject to change

DarceyFred and GingerNgairie Ave Hall
3.30pmPrimary RAD3.45pmGrade 2 RAD3.30pmStretch
4.15pmIntermediate RAD4.30pmGrade 5 RAD4.30pmMini Open Jazz (Baby Jazz, Gr 1 & 2 Jazz)
5.15pmInt Dance RAD5.30pmGrade 3 RAD5.30pmJnr Hip Hop
6.00pmAdvanced 1 RAD6.30pmGrade 4 RAD6.15pmSnr Hip Hop
7.30pmAdvanced 2 RAD

DarcyFred and GingerNgairie Ave Hall
3.30pmJunior Primary
4.15pmGrade 3 RAD4.15pmLevel 4
Contemp NZAMD
4.30pmGrade 1 RAD
5.15pmGrade 5 RAD5.15pmOpen Contemporary (L4 & up)5.15pmGrade 2 RAD
6.15pmRepertoire (Comp Int & Adv F & up)6.15pmLevel 6
Contemp NZAMD
7.30pmAdv 2 RAD7.15pmInt Foundation7.15 Acro
8.15pm Open Lyrical

DarcyFred and Ginger
10.30amBaby Ballerinas (2 & 3yrs)
11.15amBaby Ballerinas (3 & 4yrs)
3.30pmPrimary RAD4.00pmGrade 3 Jazz NZAMD
4.15pmInt Foundation RAD4.45pmAdvanced 1 RAD
5.15pmInt F Pointe RAD6.15pmBallet Virtuosity (Adv F comp & Adv 1 & up)
5.45pmIntermediate RAD7.15pmAdv Foundation RAD
6.45pmInt Pointe RAD8.15pmAdv F Dance RAD
DarcyFred and GingerNgairie Ave Hall
3.30pmTiny Tutus3.45pmPre El Jazz NZAMD
4.15pmGrade 1 RAD4.30pmElementary Jazz NZAMD
5.00pmGrade 4 RAD5.15pmIntermediate Jazz NZAMD
6.00pmJnr Open Ballet (G 3,4,5)6.00pmJazz Technique (Pre El & up)
7.00pmAdv Foundation RAD6.45pmTroupes
8.15pmSolo Seal RAD7.30pmSenior Open Jazz
8.15pmAdvanced Jazz NZAMD
DarcyFred and GingerNgairie Ave Hall
12.15pmAdult Ballet Class
3.30pmGrade 1 RAD3.30pmJazz Babies
4.15pmGrade 2 RAD4.15pmGrade 1 Jazz NZAMD
5.00pmGrade 4 RAD5.00pmGrade 2 Jazz NZAMD
6.00pmInt Foundation RAD
7.00pmInt F Dance RAD
7.45pm Open Ballet Class (Int F & above)
DarcyFred and GingerIsadora
7.45amJunior Stretch (Grades)7.45amSenior Stretch (Vocationals)
8.45amGrade 5 RAD9.00amAdv 1 RAD8.45amLevel 3 Tap NZAMD
9.45amIntermediate RAD9.30amBroadway Babies Tap
10.45amJunior Primary**10.30amAdv 2 RAD10.00amLevel 5 Tap NZAMD
11.30amTiny Tutus10.45amLevel 7 Tap NZAMD
12.15pmBaby Ballerinas (2 & 3yrs)
11.30amLevel 4 Tap NZAMD
12.45pmPrimary RAD12.45pmExtension Class (Gr 4, 5, Int F Comp students)12.15pmLevel 6 Tap NZAMD
1.30pmGrade 3 RAD1.45pmAdv F Pointe RAD1.00pmLevel 1 Tap NZAMD
2.30pmAdv F RAD2.30pmSenior Pointe (Adv 1 & up )1.45pmLevel 9 Tap NZAMD
3.45pmSenior Open (Int & Adv F comp & Adv 1 & up)3.45pmGrade 4 Jazz NZAMD2.30pm Level 2 Tap NZAMD
4.30pmGrade 5 Jazz NZAMD
Ngaire Church Hall
10.30amIntro/ Prep Contemp NZAMD
Level 3
Contemp NZAMD
12.15pmLevel 5
Contemp NZAMD
1.15pmLevel 1
Contemp NZAMD
2.00pmLevel 2 Contemp
2.45pmJnr Open Jazz (G 3,4
& 5)
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