These are the fees for the year 2021.


Baby Ballerina 2-3 Wednesday$105.00
Baby Ballerina 3-4 Wednesday$105.00
Baby Ballerina 2-3 Saturday$105.00
Tiny Tutu 4-5 Saturday$138.00Can attend other TT
Tiny Tutu 4-5 Thursday$138.00Can attend other TT
Junior Primary$148.00DOB: July~Dec/15 and Jan~June/16
Primary$175.006 by 30 June 2021 (DOB: July~Dec/14 and Jan~June/15)
Grade 1$180.007 and turning 7 in 2021
Grade 2$185.008 and turning 8 in 2021
Grade 3$210.009 and turning 9 in 2021
Grade 4$215.0010 and turning 10 in 2021
Grade 5$220.0011 and turning 11 in 2021
Intermediate Foundation$285.00Includes Exam Dance class
IF Pointe$65.00
IF Package$435.00Syllabus classes, Pointe and Monday Int Open
Intermediate$295.00Includes Exam Dance class
INT Pointe$70.00
INT Package$450.00Syllabus classes, Pointe and Monday Int Open
Advanced Foundation$320.00Includes Exam Dance class
AF Pointe$85.00
Advanced 1$320.00This includes Saturday Open
Advanced 2$320.00This includes Saturday Open
Solo Seal$365.00This includes Advanced 2 and Saturday Open
Senior Pointe$90.00This includes Advanced 1 and above
Senior Open – Saturday$120.00For competition students of Adv F
Wednesday Junior Open$85.00For Grade 3-5
Monday Intermediate Open$95.00For Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate
Tuesday Senior Open$105.00For Advanced Foundation and above
Ballet Extension Class$158.00For competition students of Int Foundation and Intermediate
Adult Concession Card$160.00For Adult Ballet, Adult Barre Fitness and Adult Tap. 10 classes
Future Dancers All 3 days$1,390.00Mon 8.45-2.45, Tue 8.45-3.35 and Thu 12.15-3.30
Future Dancers Monday or Tuesday$550.00Monday only or Tuesday only
Future Dancers Thursday Only$360.00Thursday only
Future Dancers 2 Full days$1,050.002 Full days
Future Dancers 1 Full + 1 1/2 days$885.001 Full + 1 1/2 days
Future Dancers One Off Mon & Tue$75.00One Off Monday and Tuesday classes
Future Dancers One Off Thu$55.00One Off Thursday class
Cygnets$360.00Thursday 1.15-3.30, Grade 3, 4, 5 and Int Foundation


Jazz Babies$135.00For 4 – 7
Jazz Grade 1$135.00For 8 and turning 8 in 2021
Jazz Grade 2$140.00For 9 and turning 9 in 2021
Jazz Grade 3$140.00For 10 and turning 10 in 2021
Jazz Grade 4$150.00For 11 and turning 11 in 2021
Jazz Grade 5$150.00For 12 and turning 12 in 2021
Pre Elementary$155.00Approx 13 and over
Elementary$155.00Approx 14 and over
Intermediate$160.00Approx 15 and over
Advanced$160.00Approx 15 and over
Jazz Junior Open$100.00Jazz Grade 1 – 3
Jazz Intermediate Open$150.00Jazz Grade 4 – Pre Elementary
Jazz Senior Open$150.00Elementary and above
Jazz Senior Extension$120.00Jazz competition students 12+
Contemporary Introductory$135.009 yrs by 31/12/21, approx 9-10
Contemporary Preparatory$135.00Approx 10-11 depending on the experience
Contemporary Level 1$145.00Approx 12 and above
Contemporary Level 2$155.00Approx 13-15
Contemporary Level 3$155.00Approx 13-15
Contemporary Level 4$155.00Approx 13-15
Contemporary Level 5$160.00Approx 15 and above
Contemporary Level 6$160.00Approx 15 and above
Tap Babies$105.00From 4 years old
Tap Level 1$105.00For 6-8
Tap Level 2$130.00For 7-9
Tap Level 3$135.00For 9-10
Tap Level 4$150.00For 10-12
Tap Level 5$160.00For 11 and above
Tap Level 6$160.00
Tap Level 7$160.00
Hip Hop Junior$150.00For under 10
Hip Hop Senior$150.00For 10 and over
Stretch Junior$80.00For Ballet Grade students
Stretch Senior$80.00For Ballet Vocational students
Adult Concession Card$160.00For Adult Ballet, Adult Barre Fitness and Adult Tap. 10 classes