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November 14

TIMETABLE for Concert Week

As parking can be difficult please allow time to find a park.

Rehearsals are tightly scheduled and we hope to keep on time. Please ensure you are ready to dance at the time stated. We cannot promise we will be on time however, as unforeseen things do happen due to technical …


October 9

News on Students

Our lovely ex student and recently teacher, Ariana Hond, is currently dancing as an Intern with Melbourne City Ballet.

Melody Martin’s 6 month contract with The Australian Ballet has been extended for another 6 months. We are so happy for Melly! Below is a photo of Melly and her sister, …


October 9

Caledonian Competition Ballet Special Awards

Congratulations to our 3 Sir John Logan Campbell Ballet Award finalists, Katerina Hond, Summer Bradley and Jordan McIlwaine!


Special Awards for the Ballet Section were as follows:

Jordan McIlwaine and Summer Bradley- 1 week scholarship to attend NZSD full time.

Katerina Hond- Best interpretation of choreography for her barefoot ‘Hine e Hine’. …

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