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9 Oct

Caledonian Competition Ballet Special Awards

Congratulations to our 3 Sir John Logan Campbell Ballet Award finalists, Katerina Hond, Summer Bradley and Jordan McIlwaine!

Logan 6


Special Awards for the Ballet Section were as follows:

Jordan McIlwaine and Summer Bradley- 1 week scholarship to attend NZSD full time.

Katerina Hond- Best interpretation of choreography for her barefoot ‘Hine e Hine’. Also, winner of Senior Scholarship 16/over.

Larissa Kiyoto-Ward- Winner of the Josephine Elizabeth Variation 13/ under 15 years. Runner Up Most Points Solo Dances.

Ruby Ryburn- Elvira Kennedy Memorial Award for Most Points in Solo Items. Most Outstanding National Character.

Tallulah Palmer-O’Brien- Yasmin-Li Gray Cup for Most Entertaining Item Any Age for her Demi Character. Talulah was chosen by the adjudicator to perform this in the President’s Award for Most Entertaining Items.

Ophelia Grimshaw-Jones- Sandra Cook Cup for Most Promising Ballet Competitor under 12 years.

MEBA- Highest Points Ballet School, 1st and 2nd Place Ballet Groups under 15, 2nd Place Senior Ballet Groups.

Logan 5