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Mt Eden Ballet Academy offer a full range of Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap classes at their dedicated studios in Newmarket Auckland.

Details and Fees are listed below.

Infant and Pre-school Ballet

Ages 2 to 5

Our early age ballet classes teach children the love of dance in a warm and caring atmosphere. These classes help to develop coordination and musicality. Our teachers are highly experienced RAD professionals and all classes are accompanied by a skilled live pianist. Our senior students always participate in our younger children’s classes to help demonstrate steps properly and inspire the juniors to learn to listen, be in a class situation and follow directions from the teachers.

Parent observation is welcome. Please contact Heather 021 120 2608 or email

Baby Ballerinas 2 & 3 years- Wed 10.30, 3 & 4 yearsWed 11.15, 2 & 3 years Sat 10.45 (30 mins)$105
Tiny Tutus- 4 years Thurs 3.45, Saturday 11.15 (45 mins)$138
Junior Primary- 5 yearsTues 3.45, Sat 10.45 (45 mins)$140

 Pre-school Gallery

Children’s Ballet Classes

approx 6 till 11 years

Children have now progressed to enjoy a more structured form of learning through syllabus classes. The structure increases as they progress through the grades.

At MEBA we encourage children to take pride in their developing abilities and to appreciate their accomplishments. Exams are encouraged, as it gives students a goal to work towards but they are not essential.

The varied RAD graded syllabus includes barre work, centre practice, character dances and the development of performance skills.

Please contact Heather 021 120 2608 or Melinda 021 610 930 or email

Primary- up to 3 classes per week$175Junior- Grades 3-5 inc$80
Grade 1- up to 3 classes per week$180
Grade 2- up to 3 classes per week$185
Grade 3- up to 3 classes per week$210
Grade 4- up to 3 classes per week$215
Grade 5- up to 3 classes per week$220

Grades Gallery

Senior Ballet Classes

from approx 12 years

Our senior students follow the RAD vocational syllabus. Pointe and open classes complement the syllabus classes. These vocational classes can be a stepping stone to fulltime dance training and a career in the dance world.

Future Dancers Programme

The Future Dancers programme is a transitional programme designed to prepare students for full time ballet training leading towards a professional ballet career. It involves a 2 hour ballet class, pointe class, repertoire, contemporary and specialised coaching. At the end of our inaugural year in 2016 four dancers were accepted into full-time training in NZ, Australia and London.

Enrolments are still open for 2017 and students are welcome to continue after school classes at their existing dance school. For more information please contact Melinda on 021 610 231 or email

Int F- 4 syllabus classes & 1 exam dance class$285Intermediate- Int F & Int$100Int Foundation$75
Intermediate- 4 syllabus classes & 1 exam dance class$295Senior- Adv F onwards$110Intermediate$675
Advanced F- 3 syllabus classes & 1 exam dance class$320Boys Class$160Adv Foundation$95
Adv 1- 3 syllabus classes and Sat Open class$320Adv 1 onwards$95
Adv 2- 3 syllabus classes and Sat Open class$320
Solo Seal- includes Adv 2 classes and Sat Open$365Int extension (competition students Int F & Int$160

Senior Gallery

Jazz, Contemporary and Tap 

MEBA follows the NZAMD (New Zealand Association of Modern Dance) Jazz, Contemporary and Tap syllabus and students are encouraged to sit exams in all these disciplines.

The variety of classes contribute to the versatility and breadth of training available at MEBA and many ex students are dancing professionally in Ballet companies, musical theatre shows, contemporary dance companies, and in commercial dance around the world.

Parent observation is welcome.

Jazz Babies- from 4 years$125Grade 1$125Introductory & Preparatory- (45 mins)$125Baby Tap (30 mins)from 4 years$100
Grade 2 & 3$130Level 1- (45 mins)$140Level 2 (45 mins)$125
OPEN JAZZGrade 4 & 5$140Level 2, 3 & 4- (1 hour)$145Level 3 (45 mins)$130
Intermediate (Grade 5, Pre El, El) & Senior (Int onwards)$150Jnr Stretch, Leap & Spin$145Level 5 & 6- (1 hour)$150Level 4 (45 mins)$140
Pre El & Elementary$145
Intermediate & Advanced$150Open Contemporary$150

Contemporary and Jazz Gallery

Other Classes

MEBA encourages dance fitness and towards this classes are available in Swiss ball conditioning, junior and senior stretch classes taught by experienced ex-professional Russian rhythmic gymnasts. Adult ballet classes and Barre Fit are offered during the day throughout the year.

Stretch Classes$70
Concession card for Adult Ballet, Adult Ballet Barre Fit = 10 classes$150
Future Dancers All 3 days$1,390
Future Dancers Monday or Tuesday$550
Future Dancers Thursday Only$360
Future Dancers 2 Full days$1,050
Future Dancers 1 Full + 1 1/2 days$885
Future Dancers One Off Mon & Tue$75
Future Dancers One Off Thu$55
CygnetsThursday 1.15-3.30, Grade 3, 4, 5 and Int Foundation$360

Performance Opportunities

MEBA students are offered the opportunity to be coached for local and international competitions and awards and MEBA Jazz group is competing for the second time at the World Jazz championships.

For more information please email

MEBA produces an annual show over 5 performances including all students who would like to take part. The show is properly structured and includes narrative and classical ballet, traditional repertoire, jazz, contemporary and tap

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